VICTIM FIGHTS BULLY (I'm Not Taking This Sh*t No More)

VICTIM FIGHTS BULLY (I'm Not Taking This Sh*t No More)

As stated frequently The Doucheinator doesnt want to fight

Since the popularity of badasses have grown throughout the year the real name of this Public Defender is unknown so i have given the name "The Doucheinator" for his ability to terminate and shut down douchebags.

The StoryEdit

One bright sunny day Doucheinator along with the Shirtless Wonder who was being referred to as Brandon were having an argument over who knows what. A gang of people gathered in front of Doucheinator and Brandon as the two had a growing heated argument. Brandon made nasty remarks to Doucheinator while Doucheinator tried to walk away by saying he "had no beef with him" and "he didnt even know him". This has led to evidence that Brandon was being a douche and simply picked a random fight. Meanwhile the cameraman or should i say "woman" starts to cry as Brandon approaches The Doucheniator by whining and saying she didnt want him to get hurt. Obviously somebody has witnessed the power of The Doucheinator and Brandon clearly doesnt knwo what hes getting into. Brandon ignores this and approches our hero in hopes of humiliating him in front of the crowd. His fists fly but miss The Doucheinator who retaliates with one skull imploding blow to the head. Brandon goes down but The Doucheinator is not done with him yet. he delivers yet another forceful blow to the head follow by another. A swift kick to the head disorients Brandon but he is still sitting up. Girls cry and whine over thier fallen douchebag leader while The Doucheinator finishes him off with a final punch to the head while roaring with thunder "I'm tired of this shit!" and with that...The Doucheinator walks through Brandons crowd of followers and back to his command center awaiting his next target.


It is frequently heard that the camerawoman expresses consent for Brandon so it is specualted that she is his girlfreind. Probably hoping to capture her douchbag bf's prize fight on film for years to come instead she captures the horrible truth that her bf is nothing but a plain old shirtless and now busted up douche. 


  • The Doucheinator (real name not known)

Powers and AttributesEdit

  • Fists that cleanse and bring down any douchebag that gets in his way.